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Super soft and light 5.6 oz. Coolmax® Extreme t-shirts ensures quick-drying comfort, plus offers a soft hand and non-pilling, long-wearing durability. Perfect by itself for those cool days, and ideal as a base-layer garment when it's even cooler. The stretchable cuffs will allow you to pull the sleeves up, over your elbows when you get warm. Easy machine washing with very little after wash shrinkage.

The shirts are available in white; available in sizes of Medium, Large, and XL.

Please note: Medium size shirts only available in short sleeve, Ox Heather (gray).

Cost for the short sleeve is $20.00.


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Cost for the long sleeve is $25.00.

Coolmax tees are specially engineered for permanent performance. They move moisture from your body rapidly and dry quickly, enhancing body comfort. They will keep you cool when it's hot and warm when it's cool. They are easy care, comfortable, low maintenance t-shirts.


The Yamax LS-6510 Digi-Walker imprinted with the Walk California logo is a highly accurate and reliable digital step counter, distance meter in miles, stopwatch, and digital clock. In addition, each order comes with a security strap to help prevent you from losing your DIGI-WALKER™ step counter, dropping it, or drowning it in the toilet.

Its dimensions are 2"x 1.5"x .75" and it weighs only ¾ of an ounce. You'll need to set two things on this one...For distance to be calculated accurately, you'll need to set your stride length, and you'll need to set your clock. (Stride length can be set in .05 foot increments.) Neither is hard to do.

Cost: $34.00

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